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Since 1980's, the United States has experienced significant growth in single-family home construction, contributing to urban sprawl.

This has acted as a catalyst for a thriving business ecosystem within the building materials industry.

Cut Flowers

This series captures fresh cut flowers submerged and floating in used diesel oil, creating a visual dialogue on the hidden impacts of the cut flower industry. 

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The air transportation of flowers across the world contributes significantly to carbon emissions. Shipping flowers by air generates more emissions compared to other modes of transportation.

The cultivation, processing, and transportation of flowers demand energy resources. Refrigeration during transportation is energy-intensive to maintain the freshness of flowers.

Flower cultivation demands substantial water resources. The intensive irrigation required for flower farms can contribute to water scarcity and environmental stress in certain regions.

Large-scale flower farming often involves the use of pesticides and fertilizers, which can have negative impacts on local ecosystems and biodiversity.

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In the scorching heat of a Southern California summer, the studio transformed into a surreal haven draped in plastic, reminiscent of crime scenes and echoing the duality within my floral narrative. The air was thick with the pungent scent of heavy diesel fuel as 10 gallons of used oil became both the medium and the message.


Surrounded by a cocoon of heavy plastic, the studio not only contained the mesmerizing dance of blossoms in black gold but also trapped the diesel fumes, creating an environment teetering between the sublime and the disconcerting. The plastic enclosure played a dual role—contributing to the soft highlights in each frame while acting as a reluctant guardian of the space, ensuring the containment of the potent oil.


Styling the flowers became a delicate dance, each moment interrupted by the need for breaks and gulps of fresh air. The contrast between the vibrant beauty of the blooms and the stifling atmosphere served as a stark reminder of the dichotomy explored in the series. 


The creative process, though immersive and intense, had its toll. By the end of the multi-day shoot, the heavy air and aromatic diesel had left their mark, manifesting in a sinus infection—a tangible reminder of the price paid for capturing the ephemeral beauty entangled in the ecological consequences of our choices.

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